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Download your personal safety app for free!

Download the easy to use app to your smartphone to benefit from a maximum level of personal protection.

Choose your favorite alarm mode to be protected in every situation.

For maximum safety, ProtectMii recommends the specially developed parachute mode.

1. Choose alarm mode

The blue screen shows you that you are being protected and how you can trigger the alarm (here parachute mode).

Simply pulling the headphone cable triggers an immediate alarm.

2. Be protected

The red screen shows you that your alarm has been triggered. Within 10 seconds, ONLY YOU can disable the alarm, otherwise, your family and friends will be notified of the dangerous situation.

3. Trigger alarm


What makes us the best personal safety app?

Your personal safety is our top priority. A wide range of safety features provide for an optimal level of protection in virtually any dangerous situation!

Extra fast alarm


The fastest protection possible in any situation, thanks to intuitive alarm triggering options.

Acoustic alarm


When an alarm is triggered, your smartphone will immediately start to give off an additional acoustic signal.



Your individually selected contacts are informed automatically, if an alarm is triggered.

False alarm and

deactivation protection

By entering your personal password, you can cancel a triggered alarm within 10 seconds, without anyone being notified.



Your selected guards can navigate to the danger area with a single click.

Maintaining maximum


You can move freely, without being permanently monitored. Your data is only transmitted, after an alarm has been triggered.


Personal safety wherever you go.

The personal safety app ProtectMii protects you, your family and your friends in almost any emergency or dangerous situation. Make the personal safety app part of your life and it will never hold you back.

We want to make sure you get home safely. The personal safety app protects you on your way home, so all you need to care about is to enjoy the evening.

Your way home

ProtectMii ensures that your kids will get to school and back safely. The app is really simple to use, so your child’s safety is guaranteed.

The way to school

Outdoor running by yourself is no longer a problem. Train when and where you want and be protected at the same time against attacks, injuries or accidents.


Relieve relatives who are sick or in need of care from the fear of being on their own in case of an emergency. Use ProtectMii to make everybody feel reassured.


Awards & Supporter

The emergency app ProtectMii was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program.

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